H E L L O!
I'm Carol, a designer that loves solving puzzles... and cats.​​​​​​
I have started my 6+ years of experience working with graphic design and jumping with curiosity through a variety of different fields, like motion and illustration, until I got to UX/UI, where I can mix all of these skills to solve amazing puzzles and craft user-centric interfaces, that are not just functional, but very good-looking.
Work experience

In past experiences I've worked as a Product Designer at Mistplay, working closely with other designers and stakeholders at the mobile gaming field. I've also collaborated with Pat Animation crafting interface solutions for its clients and with Aela.io delivering a brand new visual identity. I'm also an active Canva Collaborator with dozens of free and premium templates available for download!

More about me

I'm from Brazil and live in the state of São Paulo with my partner and our two cats. In my free time you can catch me drawing or roller skating 🛼🎨✨